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Remote working?

Ask us about our live online courses and how we're helping organisations during the #Covid-19 outbreak.


Join us at one of our events to learn, be inspired and build community....

This session shows how to setup, host and get the most from Zoom online meetings. FREE entry to support working at home during Covid-19.

Zoom is a cross-platform tool we recommend for easily starting out in online meetings. It is available for anyone to use free (with some restrictions).By attending this webinar, you will be able to join our online community to access resources for online calls.

Robert Landon, your tutor, has worked virtually for 7 years – supporting Red Rock International’s teams in the Wales and Internationally from his home in Scotland. Zoom is his daily tool for doing business. He has regularly used it for meetings of up to 50 participants and knows the benefits and pitfalls of the platform.

The co-facilitator, Sam Pate, works from Llanelli, South Wales, and support Red Rock’s teams around the world.

working at home

Our next Freshwalk is going to take place on the 1st of May. Click the registration link below for more details. 

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What is Freshwalks?

Connect. Recharge. Discover.
Freshwalks are organised walks for professionals. 'Netwalking' if you like. They come in different shapes and sizes, creating an intentional and productive space for likeminded people.

Freshwalks helps you feel and perform better. In life and in business. It does this in five ways;

  1. An enhanced state of mental performance and wellbeing
  2. Improved physical fitness
  3. Collaboration with others
  4. Knowledge sharing
  5. Growing your network

Together, the Freshwalks community has walked over 48,000km. Enough to walk around the world!

When we saw the great things Freshwalks was doing in the North of England we decided to partner with them. We now have our own, growing comminity in South Wales. Learn more about our story.




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