ILM Level 2

Ideal for team members preparing to step into leadership responsibilities.


Boost the performance of team members and help them make the transition from working in a team to leading a team. ILM Level 2 helps practising team leaders who are at the beginning of their journey to be more effective and confident in their roles. We work with ILM to provide high-quality, internationally recognised leadership and management qualifications. These qualifications provide recognition for the learner’s work and increase motivation.

Who is it for?

Choose between the complete Certificate or the compact Award

The Level 2 Certificate will cover all nine available modules. For the Level 2 Award, only three core modules will be covered.


The skills and knowledge you need to tackle the role with confidence.


A compact programme giving you the skills you need to lead, organise and motivate a team.

Key features of a programme


When we say our content is experiential, we actually mean it – 40% of the training time is dedicated to hands-on activities.

Conversational assessments

Our assessments are conducted through professional conversations, offering real-time feedback and personalised insights.

ILM accredited modules

Participants will leave the programme with a globally recognised qualification that validates their expertise.

Designed for a
Qatar context

Our designers craft clear, concise, and effective content tailored to the Qatar context, ensuring an optimal learning experiences.

How this programme will benefit your organisation

From accelerating performance to maintaining talent, fast-tracking rising stars, and attaining international recognition, our programme is designed to equip your organisation with the tools and talent necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Accelerate performance

Through targeted training, your employees acquire skills to effectively lead teams, streamline processes and capitalise on opportunities. This will accelerate productivity and create a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring long-term success in today's business environment.

Retain talent

Support your talent by providing appealing development opportunities. Your employees will gain valuable skills, enhancing their long-term effectiveness. This investment in talent not only ensures ongoing growth but also creates a workplace culture that values and retains skilled professionals.

Fast-track rising stars

Empower your emerging talent by investing in their development to lead your business in the future. By identifying and nurturing rising stars within your organisation, you not only secure their commitment but also ensure a pipeline of capable leaders ready to drive your business forward.

International qualification

Gift your managers an internationally recognised ILM qualification. This certification boosts their professional credentials and shows your commitment to global standards. It also opens up new opportunities and connections worldwide, helping both your managers and your organisation grow.

ILM Level 2 modules

The Level 2 Certificate will cover all nine available modules. For the Level 2 Award, only the first three modules will be covered.

1. Methods of communication in the workplace

Build your understanding of effective communication to increase your impact at work. You will learn how to identify the most appropriate communication method for different situations. Practical exercises illustrate the barriers to good communication and how to overcome them, equipping you to give and receive messages with clarity.

2. Understanding effective team working

Discover the principles to unlock effective team working. The performance of modern organisations relies on the ability of people to work well together in teams. Learners will gain a real understanding of team dynamics through meaningful activities, including how a team develops, the roles played by different members, and how to create and maintain an effective team.

3. Developing yourself as a team leader

Learn how to continuously develop your capability as a team leader. You will deepen your understanding of the team leader’s role and through leadership experiences, will increase self-awareness. You will improve your ability to give and receive powerful feedback and take away the tools and confidence to continue managing your own development.

4. Setting team objectives in the workplace

Improve team performance through effective use of objectives and time management. Good team objectives serve to focus the collaborative efforts of team members and align them with the needs of the organisation. Learners will develop the crucial skills of being able to set effective objectives and use them to monitor and improve performance.

5. Meeting customer needs

Ensure that your organisation is focussed on meeting your customers’ needs. Successful organisations are truly customer-focussed, recognising the critical role of front-line employees, fully supported by the whole organisation. This module develops understanding of good customer care principles and explores how to not only satisfy but delight your customers.

6. Induction & coaching in the workplace

Equip existing or aspiring team leaders to help people reach their potential. The working relationship between a team leader and their direct reports is critical to the performance and well-being of individuals – and therefore to the success of the organisation. Learners will acquire and practice effective techniques for on-boarding new starters and supporting their growth and development.

7. Improving performance of the work team

Learn how to motivate your team to raise performance. This module builds an understanding of motivation and how to apply sound principles to the achievement of team goals, aligned to organisational strategy. You will learn how to recognise and address issues of under performance and apply a tried-and- tested theory of motivation to achieve concrete results.

8. Communication with people outside the work team

Understand how to use your communication skills to build effective stakeholder relationships outside your team. This module will enable existing or aspiring team leaders to develop and practice a range of communication skills and learn how to use them to promote effective collaboration, creating positive relationships with customers and colleagues.

9. Managing workplace projects

Apply simple tools to deliver a workplace project effectively. Any planned change in the workplace with a defined beginning and end can be considered as a project. The ability to make a business case for a such a project, deliver it to time and budget and then evaluate its impact is a very valuable skill set. Learn simple and effective project management tools and apply them to make a difference in your organisation.

Working with Red Rock International in 4 simple steps

Our process can be broken down into 4 simple steps:

1. Free

We work with you to understand your needs, budget and time frame​. We will then provide you with an initial proposal and quotation.

2. Planning
& design

A dedicated Project Manager will work with you to schedule and plan training delivery​ while our design team will work to tailor the programme to your needs.

3. Deep

Our trainers will then take over and execute a truly remarkable experience for you and your team, ensuring active participation and deep learning.

4. Energised

Apply your acquired skills to make a real-world impact. Your team will return to work feeling empowered to boost productivity and drive results.

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