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Origo is a unique fast-paced team build utilising innovative technologies to provide an engaging online team experience. The game is easy to access and is suitable for teams between 20 and 100. Designed to promote interaction, this team build provides opportunities for participants to collaborate and get to know each other better. Key skills, such as communication, strategic planning and adaptability are also practised.

Key Benefits

"Employee flying"

Develop essential team skills

Welcome new team members

Build relationships and networks

Key features

Working in groups, participants unite as a single team to complete a common goal. Using a live-streamed gameboard style map, participants work to earn materials that build train tracks connecting the eight 2022 World Cup stadiums. Strategic planning and clear communication are key to success.

The team build concludes with a 30-minute review led by our facilitators. This engaging discussion consolidates learning and defines actions that can be applied in the workplace.

Join the live video call

On the day, join your team via the online video call. We use Microsoft Teams for a secure and smooth experience.

Interact through the mobile app

Our custom-built mobile app gives participants essential game information, a team identity and the ability to monitor their progress.

A lady using the origo online team building map

Work along side other teams in real time

Connect the 2022 world cup stadium on the live Origo map. Watch in real time as other teams play their moves.

Facilitator led

With you all the way. Our team of facilitators bring the experience to life and ensure everyone is engaged.

Receive the starter pack*

Build anticipation and bring the virtual team build to life with the optional starter pack sent to participants.

About Online Team building

Increasingly teams are working through online platforms. For many, this has brought increased pressure and challenges. Networking and building new relationships can be more difficult. Maintaining healthy team dynamics is essential. Our online team building is specifically designed to address these challenges, helping to build and maintain relationships across teams that work together in an online environment.

We utilise well-know online platforms such as Microsoft Teams, and provide technical support to ensure a smooth experience. Our online team builds have been designed in-house by Red Rock International so you can be sure of a unique and culturally relevant experience. 

Team building by Red Rock International

We offer premium team-building experiences that help teams to thrive. Our team builds:

  1. Provide a memorable and fun team experience
  2. Strengthen the connections between people, building trust and communication effectiveness
  3. Improve team performance

Each of our team builds include 3 core components…

Key information


3 hours

Group size

20 - 100

Facilitator ratio

Minimum of 1:10



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