Climbing, courage & leadership

Written by Nick Ashley
6th February 2020
Climbing - 2 people looking at mountains leadership

A brief thought from climbing in Oman

Three of us have just returned from a climbing trip in Oman. One colleague from our UK office and two of us from Qatar. Oman is a spectacular destination for vertical adventure with super friendly climbs in the wadis and big mountain routes in wild, remote landscapes. Our highlight was Jebel Qashait, a beautiful fin of rock with an airy ridgeline. The three of us took the day to slowly ascend sharp limestone snaking our way to a little-visited summit and then descending by torchlight. 

I have a love-hate relationship with climbing. After and mainly during it is a great experience. Approaching a climb, I often feel frightened and wonder why I’m doing it, I could have stayed at home. 

As we work with various individuals on our leadership programs, we are able to share knowledge, skills and tools that are immensely helpful. At the same time, leadership always involves courage. We are less able to help here; it is up to each of us as individuals to take the decisions to do the more difficult things. To leave the comforts of our familiar homes and climb.

Adventure has always been at the heart of Red Rock, and it comes in many different forms. (Not just in the mountains!) Adventure, often coupled with an appropriate level of physical challenge, is a key part of our development toolkit. When dealing with topics such as courage, self awareness, resilliance, relationships and trust, it is a proven approach that makes a big impact. Interested in finding out more?  Get in touch.

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