Leadership fundamentals

Build confidence to lead authentically 

You are about to start a leadership role, or you have recently started leading, and you know you have the potential to make a significant impact. How do you prepare yourself for a leadership role so that you can lead effectively and authentically? 

The Leadership Fundamentals course is an exciting and encouraging opportunity to develop leadership ability and understand how to do the basics well. You will learn the “job description” for leadership and build a realistic set of expectations. The course will help you to work from your personal strengths and gifting and develop your own style of leadership. Through the use of simulations, you will be able to practice leadership skills, gain confidence and enjoy the leadership experience. 

How you benefit 

  • Purpose and values: Gain a clear understanding of purpose and vision.  Build a values “hand rail” to help guide leadership decisions. 
  • Team relationships: Know how to develop professional relationships with team members characterised by clear communication and expectations. 
  • Collaboration: Get better at breaking silos and working with other teams.
  • Opportunity focus: Become competent at solving problems with your team and identifying opportunities.
  • High performance: Know how to get sustainable, high-quality performance from your team.
  • ILM Certificate: Receive an ILM recognised development programme certificate for attending the course.

Participant profile 

The Leadership Fundamentals course is suitable for those about to start a leadership role or those who have just started a leadership role.  It is also suitable for those wanting to refresh their skills after a period of leading. The course provides an ideal foundation for those going on to our ILM Leadership Qualification programme. 

This practical course enables participants to experience hands-on leadership from day one. We cover the full remit of leadership skills throughout the week using challenging and engaging exercises. This method provides the opportunity to practice taught skills.

Our trainers facilitate group reviews, feedback sessions and informal coaching sessions to ensure maximum learning opportunities. At the end of the course, you will undergo an individual coaching session to review your performance and identify a development plan.

Course overview

Learning objectives

Who is it for?

Leadership development

Professional development

Key information

ILM recognised

Development programme

ILM recognised

Endorsed programme

ILM Level 3 Award

Leadership and management


5 days

Group size


Mode of learning

Face to face - highly experiential

Live online version available

Ideal for remote workers


Flexible - hotel or your premises

ILM recognises course

ILM Recognised Programme

Learners can receive an ILM certificate by attending this course. Recognised internationally for their leadership, coaching and management qualifications, ILM has reviewed and approved the content of this course. 'Endorsed' programmes include an assessed element in order to receive the certificate whereas 'development' programmes not include an assessed element.

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