ILM Level 3

Ideal for leaders and managers with limited formal training.


Level 3 is ideal for those with management responsibilities but limited formal training. It’s particularly suited to practising team leaders seeking to move up to the next level of management and managers who need to lead people through organisational change, budget challenges or other pressures. We work with ILM to provide high-quality, internationally recognised leadership and management qualifications. These qualifications provide recognition for the learner’s work and increase motivation.

Who is it for?

Choose between the complete Certificate or the compact Award

The Level 3 Certificate will cover all eight available modules. Where budget or time is limited, the Award provides a shorter qualification that includes three of the eight units.


The skills and knowledge you need to tackle the role with confidence.


A compact programme giving you the skills you need to lead, organise and motivate a team.

Key features of a programme


When we say our content is experiential, we actually mean it – 40% of the training time is dedicated to hands-on activities.

Conversational assessments

Our assessments are conducted through professional conversations, offering real-time feedback and personalised insights.

2-days per

Deep dive into each module for long-term learning and growth, choose a programme schedule that works for your team.

Designed for a
Qatar context

Our designers craft clear, concise, and effective content tailored to the Qatar context, ensuring an optimal learning experiences.

How this programme will benefit your organisation

From accelerating performance to maintaining talent, fast-tracking rising stars, and attaining international recognition, our programme is designed to equip your organisation with the tools and talent necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Accelerate performance

Through targeted training, your employees acquire skills to effectively lead teams, streamline processes and capitalise on opportunities. This will accelerate productivity and create a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring long-term success in today's business environment.

Retain talent

Support your talent by providing appealing development opportunities. Your employees will gain valuable skills, enhancing their long-term effectiveness. This investment in talent not only ensures ongoing growth but also creates a workplace culture that values and retains skilled professionals.

Fast-track rising stars

Empower your emerging talent by investing in their development to lead your business in the future. By identifying and nurturing rising stars within your organisation, you not only secure their commitment but also ensure a pipeline of capable leaders ready to drive your business forward.

International qualification

Gift your managers an internationally recognised ILM qualification. This certification boosts their professional credentials and shows your commitment to global standards. It also opens up new opportunities and connections worldwide, helping both your managers and your organisation grow.

ILM Level 3 modules

The Level 3 Certificate will cover all eight available modules. For the Level 3 Award, only the first three modules will be covered.

1. Understanding leadership

Develop strong foundations to lead. This course introduces leadership styles and encourages the leader to assess and develop their own style and leadership behaviours. We will look at how the organisation’s working practices and culture relate to leadership styles and how to plan to enhance behaviour.

2. Clear communication

Learn and enhance communication skills for the workplace. A practical and active course to develop the ability to communicate effectively. We will look at the application in workplace situations and make plenty of time for personal practice and feedback.

3. Establishing a high-performing team

Create a team that is an effective and rewarding work group. Develop your knowledge and understanding of team building. We will unpack tools and concepts, leaders will be able to use to increase the productivity of their team, whilst building a sense of community.

4. Planning skills

Improve skills to plan and allocate work. Learners will gain a set of practical tools through practice and group exploration. Using these tools, they will be able to plan more effectively and allocate work in their team.

5. Performance management

Gain confidence and skills to manage and improve staff performance. This course provides a framework to manage performance and help in overcoming some of the barriers to addressing challenges.

6. Managing yourself

Improve time and emotional management as foundations for strong leadership in challenging times. We build self-awareness using the Birkman Method personality assessment tool, self-reflection, experiential exercises and feedback. We provide practical tools for self-management which apply to time management and stress- management.

7. Creative practices and problem solving

Take control of the process to make better decisions and solve issues consistently. This module equips the participants with a clear process to solve problems and make decisions. It gives a step-by step method which demystifies these skills and leads to more sound decision-making.

8. Leading and motivating a team effectively

Create a sense of purpose and engage the team for improved results. Learn how to create a team environment where the team understands how their work contributes to the greater purpose of the organisation. The leader will learn practical tools to communicate with, support and motivate their team.

Case study - Hamad Medical Corporation

Hamad Medical Corporation asked Red Rock International to develop and deliver a leadership development programme for its Qatari senior security supervisors in Arabic. The programme was customised to the group’s learning requirements and incorporated an ILM Level 3 Award. RRI developed sector specific exercises and case studies to enhance the learning experience.

Delegates who completed the Level 3 Award advanced onto an ILM Level 3 Certificate and a new intake of staff preparing for leadership roles were inducted onto a one-year Level 2 Certificate programme.

Survey results:

1 %

are now more enthusiastic about their job

1 %

felt that their work relationships had improved

1 %

started that the quality of their work has improved

1 %

feel competent to solve problems and make decisions

1 %

found the experiential activities useful and relevant

“We appreciate Red Rock International’s commitment to the programme, their design skills, delivery techniques, support given to the delegates and also the regular updates and summary reports we receive.”
Justine Ormandy
Director of Hospitality Training - HMC

Working with Red Rock International in 4 simple steps

Our process can be broken down into 4 simple steps:

1. Free

We work with you to understand your needs, budget and time frame​. We will then provide you with an initial proposal and quotation.

2. Planning
& design

A dedicated Project Manager will work with you to schedule and plan training delivery​ while our design team will work to tailor the programme to your needs.

3. Deep

Our trainers will then take over and execute a truly remarkable experience for you and your team, ensuring active participation and deep learning.

4. Energised

Apply your acquired skills to make a real-world impact. Your team will return to work feeling empowered to boost productivity and drive results.

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