ILM Level 3 Qualifications in Leadership and Management

Certificate and Award

The ILM Level 3 qualification is perfect for people who have leadership and management responsibilities but limited formal training. It will provide essential skills and confidence to lead people through challenging circumstances and help teams to thrive. It will be especially helpful for those seeking to move up to the next level of management and take on increased responsibility.

This programme is based around units that can be delivered in English, or Arabic. There is the option to complete all eight modules to receive the Certificate or fewer to receive the Award. Each module takes two days to complete, plus some additional time for workplace learning and for assessment through professional conversation.

Trainer led sessions are highly interactive and based around experiential activities. We believe it’s important to have more than the minimum required contact time so there is room for discussion, activities and to apply the learning to real life situations.

ILM Level 3 Open Courses

Our open courses provide opportunity for individuals or small groups to obtain the Award or Certificate.  The different modules are scheduled at approximately monthly intervals and repeated on an annual basis. 

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Leadership and Management Qualification Pathways

ILM Level 3 Certificate

ILM Level 3 Award

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More Information

The course is a blend of experiential activities, bite-sized teaching and discussionbased activities. We ensure a rich mixture of activities to engage all learning preferences. 

This course is around 40% experiential activities. 

This course is for first time leaders, those about to move into leadership, or for more established leaders who want to revisit fundamentals of leadership.  

Assessment is through a 1 hour guided conversation with the assessor. This avoids lengthy assignment writing, while still checking that the participant has adequate understanding.

The professional conversation can be face to face, or via video call. The assessor follows a structured sequence of questions and takes notes on the participant’s responses. The assessor is there to make it comfortable for the learner to share their understanding and achieve the best possible result.

Participants will be given assignment instructions during the Training sessions and encouraged to prepare for the professional conversation session by completing worksheets and undertaking any required workplace application activities/observations.

Where the assessor judges that insufficient evidence was collected for a pass, they will ask subsequent questions at an additional professional conversation meeting.

Venue options are flexible. We can arrange a suitable location for you such as a hotel. Alternatively it may be possible to use space in your own facilities. 

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Boost the performance of team members and help them make the transition from working in a team to leading a team.

If you're looking for an alternative to the Level 3, take a look at the ILM Level 2 Certificate in Leadership and Team skills.


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