Strategic planning through challenges

A fast-paced workshop that equips you with tools and skills to create strategic plans and lead teams in times of challenge.

A fast-paced workshop that provides clear and effective tools for developing strategic plans and leading teams in times of challenge.

In today’s world the ability to develop and execute strategic plans during challenging circumstances is essential. It is a key factor that will determine an organisation’s long-term viability and success. Great organisations embrace difficult circumstances, modify their strategic plans in a way that aligns with their overall strategy and use the challenges to build strong, resilient teams. 

Strategic planning through challenges is a unique development opportunity that provides those involved in strategic planning and leading teams an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of how to proceed during challenging and disruptive circumstances. The course will refresh your understanding of skills to build a strategic plan and understanding of the key questions that plan should answer. It will help you to focus on key activities that maintain team performance in times of difficulty. You will learn how to lead with confidence and influence during times of significant pressure and how to use the circumstances to build stronger teams.  


How you benefit 

  • Develop strategic plans: Know how to build “road map” strategic plans for times of challenge that align with existing company strategy and values.
  • Maintain performance during times of challenge: Understand essential activities that need to be focused on to maintain performance during times of challenge.
  • Develop competency and confidence to lead through challenges: Gain insight into what your team needs from its leader and frameworks for building confidence and influence. 


Participant profile 

Strategic planning through challenges is designed for managers and leaders with responsibility and engagement in strategic planning for their team, section or organisation. 

Course overview

Learning objectives

Who is it for?

Leadership development

Professional development

Key information

ILM recognised

Development programme

ILM recognised

Endorsed programme

ILM Level 3 Award

Leadership and management


1 day

Group size


Mode of learning

Face to face - highly experiential

Live online version available

Ideal for remote workers


Flexible - hotel or your premises

""It was such a pleasure to work with you guys. The two day workshop was amazing. Thanks again for your efforts and the further materials.""
Maryam K. Al-Maslamani
Qatar Foundation
ILM recognises course

ILM Recognised Programme

Learners can receive an ILM certificate by attending this course. Recognised internationally for their leadership, coaching and management qualifications, ILM has reviewed and approved the content of this course. 'Endorsed' programmes include an assessed element in order to receive the certificate whereas 'development' programmes not include an assessed element.

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