Creative Team Building Challenges

Create & inspire yourself and your team!

It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention – if you are looking for breakthrough with your business team in Egypt, our creative team building activities in Egypt could be the answer.

Our focus is on creativity and innovation in these activities which gives participants room to try new approaches, see things differently and have perceptions challenged. Still exciting, they provide a thoroughly engaging framework in which they deliver coaching and bring behavioural change.

Some teams in Egypt need a different approach to improve their performance. Our creative team building activities provide an alternative to the more common physical, outdoor-based courses. These exercises require an innovative approach by participants that is no less exciting than our other courses. As individuals try something new, they grow together.

Corporate Kitchen

Duration 3 – 4 hours Participants 50 – 200 Venue Indoor or Outdoor Turn the heat up with the ultimate cooking challenge! Something’s always cooking in the Corporate Kitchen! We’re

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Duration 6 – 8 hours Participants 50 – 100+ Venue Indoor or Outdoor Create a masterpiece of your company culture! The Oscars is an engaging and rewarding activity designed to

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Lip Dub Duration 2 – 3 hours Participants 50 – 200+ Venue Indoor or Outdoor Synchrony never looked better than this! This great fun exercise enhances corporate unity by focusing

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Grand Vision

Duration 2 – 3 hours Participants 10 – 100+ Venue Indoor or Outdoor Picture the results of great collaboration The team will be divided into sub-groups, each of which will

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Tiles Grand Mosaic

Duration 1 – 2 hours Participants 50 – 400+ Venue Indoor or Outdoor The big picture never looked GRANDER! This challenge requires the participants to release their creative energies into

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Drum Circle

Drum Circle Duration 1 hour Participants 10 – 50 Venue Outdoor Create one harmonious beat together while staying in synch! A fun bonding experience that helps teams find their rhythm,

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Carnival Duration 2 – 3 hours Participants 50 – 200+ Venue Outdoor Participants will start with 25 tokens, each token gives them access to play one station, their objective is

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Life Size Letters

Life Size Letters Duration 1 – 2 hours Participants 50 – 200 Venue Indoor or Outdoor Follow the steps, work together, and create a masterpiece! In this creative team building

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