Team challenge events

Developing teams & leaders

Great companies make a difference: raise money for charity, increase awareness of important issues and engage your staff with a good cause.

CSR & fundraising

In each area of leadership, there are a critical behaviours which have a major effect on performance. Our team challenge events equip leaders to consistently adopt these changes to see improved outcomes.

Staff & industy engagement

Create a buzz that will raise morale and engage your workforce. Challenge events are a great way to engage staff with your most important company messages. They also provide a great place to facilitate industy networking.

Health & wellbeing

Be a great company to work for and improve the quality of your employees’ lives. Inspire people on Qatar National Sports Day.

"The BG Energy Challenge has provided vital funds for several charities we support every year. In addition, the increase in our profile within the industry far exceeded what we could have gained from the same level of spend on advertising."
Lewis Affleck
Former country manager, BG Kazakhstan

Adventure & physical challenge

Crossing inhospitable deserts, mountain biking down flowing single track, rafting, kayaking or just experiencing remote and beautiful landscapes; our events harness genuine adventure and make it accessible and safe for corporate groups.

We understand that a typical business team will contain a broad range of fitness abilities. Our multi-dimensional challenge designs stretch every person at a level appropriate to their fitness.


Business reality

Leading in business is pressurised, complex and demands rapid and effective decision making. Our challenges model many of the pressures of business leadership and create a safe environment in which to practise, test and refine skills

Creative thinking & in depth strategy

We specialise in creating unique events that combine the mental and physical. It takes quick thinking, problem-solving skills and a hands-on approach to tackle the captivating challenges imagined by our team.

When the challenge manual arrives in teams’ inboxes a month before the challenge, they quickly realise how important strategy will be in the race. We create unique scenarios so each stage is loaded with decisions. Electronic timing lets us keep track of hundreds of  variables simultaneously.

Story telling

Each challenge is designed with a unique narrative and content to tell the client’s story. Challenges have raised awareness on diverse issues including methods to conserve water resources, encouraging healthy lifestyles and raising awareness of renewable energy.


Case studies

EBDA Student Leadership Development Programme

The EBDA programme was a collaboration between RRI, universities and a company’s CSR initiative. It focused on building leadership skills in students through a diverse programme that included experiential learning, skills training, team challenges, expeditions and personal development.

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team adventure race

Maersk Oil & QP Challenge

RRI designed and delivered the annual multi-day team challenge for companies across the energy sector in Qatar to raise awareness of Type 2 diabetes through an immersive and memorable experience.

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BG Energy Challenge

The BG Energy Challenge took place between 2006 – 2013 in Kazakhstan, establishing itself as the industry’s leading networking and team development event.

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