Team development

"... if you want to go far, go together."

In the last 12 years we have worked with hundreds of companies developing their teams and in the process developed our own in 4 different countries.  No matter the size of the organisation,  for large portions of our time we work with specific groups of people. By investing in the connections between each of these people we see people flourish and visions accomplished.  This is for  teams looking to go deeper, grow stronger and think bigger. 


Engage your people at a heart level for teams with longevity.​


Enhance performance, creativity and resilience.​


Build culture based on trust, effective communication and a united vision.​

Programmes designed for impact

In response to the common needs that teams face, we developed, and continue to develop, distinct programmes that are  built around a particular theme and outcomes.

Purpose & people


Gain fresh perspective and energy through adventure, physical exertion, group retreat and inspiration on the Gower Peninsula.

The team will be stretched in a simulation that combines outdoor adventure and more common everyday challenges. It requires the team to plan, co-ordinate assign roles and responsibilities and respond to change. 

Around a camp fire we will share stories and look at what it means to be vulnerable in the work place. How do we create environments that sustain and build trust? 

How does a charity become one of the biggest landowners in the UK with 60,000 volunteers and 4 million members? You will join with the local National Trust Ranger and get involved with one of their projects, creating the perfect setting to discuss and reflect on  purpose and give to someone else’s


Focus & outcomes

  • Understanding my purpose
  • Engage with the purpose of your team and organisation
  • Clarity & effective communication
  • Expanding perceptions of yourself and your team
  • Experience vulnerability & developing  trust
  • Creating relationships with depth
  • Forming stronger bonds though shared experience and overcoming

Birkman team workshop


This workshop fuses together powerful personal and team insights with eye-opening exercises and expert facilitation to create solid foundations in teams.

The Birkman Method is a powerful, scientifically developed, multi-dimensional personality assessment that gives teams and individuals a greater understanding of ourselves and the language to explain our unique behaviours.

Focus & outcomes

  • What our key motivators and de-motivators are
  • How we perceive ourselves & others
  • How to work more effectively together and get the best out of each other
  • Where reactive, counter-productive behaviours are coming from and what to do about managing them 

Integrated programmes


Integrated programmes are built by us to fit precisely with your organisation and provide an ongoing investment in your teams. Through a process involving consultancy, design and partnership we will put together a programme that will help your teams overcome obstacles and/or help to develop your teams. 


  • Integrated programmes provide a precise fit for you organisation
  • Overcome specific barriers faced by your teams
  • Develop critical teams for long term sustainable performance
  • Enhance existing programmes through consultancy & delivery


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