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Developing people, teams and organisations

Red Rock International was formed in the UK in 2005. Today, we have offices in six countries and more than 30 incredible people. RRI was created to help people live their best life at work. By influencing attitudes, developing skills and building relationships we have helped tens of thousands of people to live better lives at work and beyond.

We started in a small town in South Wales using the challenge of outdoor adventure as a catalyst for personal growth. Since then we have grown and established successful teams in Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, and Korea.

Our business was founded on a core belief that companies can benefit their communities and the environment, and that there is much more to the picture than making money. We work hard to build this principle and related practices into all that we do.


Our team in qatar
Photo of Saudi team

Red Rock International offices

Riyadh, KSA

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Cairo, Egypt

Doha, Qatar

Marrakech, Morocco

Seoul, South Korea


Our vision is to be a world leader in transformative leadership, team and personal development.

Our purpose is to...

 To create an inspiring workplace where staff are fulfilled, developed and valued.

 To help people in organisations to establish sustainable positive changes.

To develop a thriving and sustainable business.

 To have a positive social and environmental impact.

Our Values


We exist for people, creating an open and safe environment in which to live and work. We develop long-term relationships with our customers and partners.


We strive for originality and refuse to be tied to convention. We value simplicity, elegance and beauty, whether in our natural environment, the way that we work or the courses that we design.


We believe that overcoming challenges – physical, mental and emotional – creates powerful opportunities for growth.


Our training draws on our own experience and business practices; we live what we teach.

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