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Assessments & Surveys to better enhance and improve your workplace

Redrock International in Saudi Arabia is now a reseller for Thomas International and ZENITHR, powered by PROCAPITA. We are happy to announce that we will now be providing two new services, Assessments & Surveys, where we will be assisting companies in their organizational health, efficiency, and growth through Thomas International and ZENITHR.

In every entity in the world, you will have employees that are talented, exceptional and unique, it would be unfortunate not to develop them, shed light on their capabilities and help them reach their maximum potential. Therefore, we have certified trainers with experience to identify these talents and help you as a company aid your employees to grow, as they are your most valuable asset.

Thomas International offers assessments that are straightforward to understand and quick to use, with rapid results. Thomas International combines technology, psychology and data to translate people’s diverse characteristics into easy to understand, easy to action solutions that are accessible to everyone for their recruitment, retention and development decisions.

ZENITHR is an innovative HR intelligence solution that transforms workforce data into real-time insights. Therefore, empowered by AI-driven solutions, you can benefit from real-time insights and analytics and organize the continually updating information into more accurate and always relevant reports.

ZENITHR is an Employee Experience that companies use to convert employees’ thoughts and feedback into action plans to build a healthier work culture, increase business performance, and foster innovation.


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