Coaching & Consulting

One-on-One coaching and consulting in Saudi towards self-effectiveness

We have developed  coaching programmes for individuals and leaders in the different stages of their journeys. Many of our customers start with our content-based courses to present a certain area of improvement for themselves which we adapt, mould and combine our different soft-skill courses to meet their specific needs on a one-to-one coaching basis.

In addition, we also provide consulting to optimize HR systems and other such services to departments in companies who look to enhance their systems.

What is coaching?

In every entity in the world, you will have employees that are talented, exceptional and unique, it would be unfortunate not to develop them, shed light on their capabilities and help them reach their maximum potential. Therefore, we have certified trainers with experience to identify these talents and help you as a company aid your employees to grow, as they are your most valuable asset.

What is consulting?

RRI consultants sit in one-to-one sessions to help companies in two main categories:

Business Transformation:

In any company/institution change is inevitable. So, some employees need help to deal with this change, whether its a change in the structure or a change in the management and so on. Our consultants can sit with the employees to help them deal with the change in order to make it more smooth, acceptable and beneficial. 

Optimising HR Systems:

Within any company/institution the HR plays a major role. Employees are dissatisfied at times and some times expectations are never met. RRI can help them deal with:

a) Compensation & Benefits

b) Talent Programs

c) Training Needs Assessment

d) Performance Management 


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