Corporate Race Events

Creating a greater impact in Saudi, together.

The Corporate Race Event is an event where 50 companies from all over Saudi Arabia come together for one big cause. This takes place in the form of a mega team building event where they have the opportunity for networking, PR and charity.

After a wonderful collaboration with the Ministry of Sports in 2018 and with Injaz in 2019, we are excited to announce that in 2023 we are collaborating with the “Magdi Yacoub Foundation”.


The ultimate goal of these events is to raise Corporate Social Responsibility and provide a cause in Egypt funds and awareness.

Team Building

Teams get a chance to participate in the biggest team building challenges we have ever created! Not only do these challenges stretch your teams, they build morale and team unity.


Dedicated networking sessions with interactive mini-challenges to allow teams and individuals to mingle with one-another and share industry tips and recommendations with each other.

Brand Awareness

Sponsors and teams' brands will be highlighted as contributors to a great cause for Egypt through above and below the line advertising outlets as well as on digital media.

EXTRACTION - the epic team building mega-challenge

EXTRACTION was an oil-themed team building challenge set out for the participants of The 2018 Corporate Race!

Teams raced against time to gather coins to purchase oil pumps and pumping equipment to unlock oil rigs where they had to extract oil from. 

Afterwards, depending on which of the 3 types of oil they extracted, and according to the live-changing oil prices, teams must sell these bottles of oil to purchase Building Blocks to build their refinement factories using CRANES they had to build.

Finally, the first team to build their factory to the fullest were the Extraction Champions!

Photos from The 2018 Race for the Egyptian Para-athletes


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