Corporate Kitchen


3 - 4 hours


50 - 200


Indoor or Outdoor

Turn the heat up with the ultimate cooking challenge!

Something’s always cooking in the Corporate Kitchen! We’re bringing the suspense, fun and good times of kitchen adventures right to you. Using your teams’ varied knowledge of cooking and different culinary skills, we’ve set the perfect challenge based on courage and teamwork.


Each team has a full kitchen with all the utensils and equipment they need. In the center of the activity area, there is a marketplace where teams can get all the ingredients and special equipment they may need in their quest for cooking the perfect meal.


To help all teams find inspiration, each team is assigned an international cuisine to cook something from. This helps give variety to the meals that are cooked and pushes the team chefs to expand their kitchen comfort zone. However, worry not, teams are also given recipes and cooking instructions to guide the way.


In the end of the time limit, each team presents their meal to the judges’ panel. Judges can be our instructors or preferably VIP guests from the company. As the judges try one dish after the other, they announce scores on the presentation, flavor, and creativity.

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