Generation Z


One-Time Course: 2 Days


One-Time Course: 5 - 20

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One-Time Course

Facing 9 hidden challenges of the most anxious population!

Generation Z has grown up in a world unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Smart phones, social media, rising anxiety levels, recessions, and even a pandemic. This course will provide insight into this emerging generation and provide practical tips on how to lead them well. You will learn how to train this generation to manage their anxiety, cultivate grit and resilience in them and apply techniques to ensure they succeed.

This book based course explores hidden challenges faced by young adults. It will explore 9 challenges they face and how as leaders we can believe, challenge and walk with them towards their success.. Each chapter is divided into three sections; a reading, an activity and reflective questions which will allow them to explore to to overcome these challenges using an experiential method.

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