People Leadership Agenda


2 Days


5 - 20

Course Format

One-Time Course

Learn to define your personal change agenda to contribute to the over-all team progression.

The turning point of this advanced workshop is that it not only works on intensive personal and professional development but also customizes a tailored 100-day plan done through one on one interviews with the trainer, and group coaching to pinpoint areas of growth and progress. The workshop will allow individuals to learn from other senior’s shared experiences, struggles and suggestions. The outputs of this advanced workshop will form the basis of changes the leadership team will make to visibly increase its effectiveness and positive impact on the organization.

This workshop is divided into three stages. Stage one, is a diagnostic one on one meeting with the trainer, and obligatory pre-work-shop assessments. Stage two, the group coaching, where the team will discuss the diagnostic results, understand true drivers of focus areas, tackle them and define key commitments and impactful change plan. The final stage, is the individual stage where seniors will define their personal change agenda to contribute to the overall team progression.

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