ACUK trainee development

Case Study

ACUK asked RRI to develop a 2-day residential programme in South Wales for their second year trainees. It was designed to integrate with the in-house traineeship programme with a specific focus on ‘leading myself’

The residential took place at the point of transition from first year to second, where the trainees were about to take  on increased leadership responsibility. The aim was to equip, build confidence and develop self-awareness in order to prepare them for their roles and invest in their personal development. In year two the programme also followed some of the trainees into their third year, as well as welcoming some newer members of the team. 

Key moments from the first two years

  • The group took part in a conservation project in collaboration with the National Trust. This created the focus for a workshop centred around understanding purpose in relation to myself the team and the organisation.
  • In the extraodinary setting of a stately home, we explored differing perceptions within teams and how our value systems influence our behaviour.
  • An experiential leadership exercise requiring skills such as planning, delegation and communication gave context for individuals to practice and develop skills in a safe environment.
  • Taking on coasteering as a team provided an excellent opportunity to push personal boundaries, develop resilience,  recognise emotional responses and become more aware of others. 
  • The Birkman Method  personality profile explored motivations, needs and usual behaviours, providing ah-ha moments and helpful insights into team dynamics. 
  • Time around the fire created focus for understanding and exploring growth mindset.
  • 1-1 reviews and a creative approach to personal action planning.

Customer objectives

  1. Develop self-awareness through a greater understanding motivation, behaviours and perceptions of others, and understand how to apply this information in everyday interactions and decision making.
  2. Build stronger relationships within the team and develop personal and team resilience, strengthening the ability to overcome challenges.
  3. Understand, and learn how to apply tools that help sustain a growth mindset and create a 12 personal development plan.
  4. Provide an opportunity for trainees to practice and develop leadership skills and receive feedback.

Participant feedback

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