Construction Team Building Challenges

Building up yourself, and your team!

Construction-focused team building activities for corporate teams in Saudi Arabia, offering a unique combination of time pressure and real-life problems that develop a results-focus in your team.

There is nothing like a bit of pressure to bring out the best in a team. Our construction team building challenges in Saudi Arabia are particularly good at this, as teams need to produce tangible results in a race against the clock.

Our range of team building activities in Saudi Arabia are specifically designed for this context, in which construction plays an important part. We also put heavy emphasis on equipping your teams with learning that will serve them back in their workplace.


Cities Duration 2 – 3 hours Participants 50 – 800+ Venue Outdoor or Indoor Building our empires! In this epic construction challenge, teams race to assemble their crane and build

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Duration 3 – 4 hours Participants 50 – 500+ Venue Indoor or Outdoor Only the strongest city (and team) will stand tall until the end! Unity in the workplace is

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Marble Run

Marble Run Duration 3 – 4 hours Participants 50 – 500+ Venue Indoor or Outdoor The wheel can’t move until every gear is in place! Different teams must work together

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Junkyard Duration 2 – 3 hours Participants 50 – 500+ Venue Outdoor or Indoor Don’t underestimate the powers of a junkyard! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Teams scavenge

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