Clash of Clans


3 - 4 hours


30 - 200



Champion the clan wars!

Clash of the Clans is a mix of strategic planning, teamwork and communication that will put your skills to the test. Create your own clan and rise through the ranks. Build your tent into an undefeatable fortress. Design and customize your symbol and flag. Train the mightiest of warriors and battle against rival clans until you reign supreme above all else.


The group is split into clans. Each clan must complete different challenges to increase in level. You will be given a list of challenges that you have to complete to increase your clan’s level. Some challenges will earn you tokens, and others will require you to improve your camp, build, plant, cook and go to battle.


To level up a clan, players must specialize in different roles like warrior, gatherer, builder and much more. Each role has a colored armband and must complete specific challenges to level up and give their clan the best chance to win. In order for the clan to level up, all the player roles have to first level up in their role.

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