1 hour


20 - 500+


Indoors or Outdoors

Lets see who knows the most facts about their company!

Kahoot! Is an interactive learning tool that we use to show questions on the screen and participants use their own smart phones as their answer devices. Add to this a dash of fun trivia questions and you’ve got yourself a killer contest.

On their phone, each participant can see both their score and their rank amongst the whole group. Additionally, a leaderboard is viewed on screen between questions to show the top 5 contestants.

With every consecutive correct answer, participants get a combo multiplier, and score keeps adding up as the streak grows longer. Every now and then the game will share statistics about the combos still active and how many participants got difficult questions correct and other fun facts.

The questions are flexible and easily modifiable. Different categories and question styles can be added or removed based on client preference including general knowledge, music, movies, history, sports, company trivia, values and so much more.


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