Lego Cars


1 - 2 hours


10 - 50



The group is split into teams. Each team must work on car building, equipment buying and bank financing all at once and somehow manage to come out of this activity with a profit. the team with the highest profit at the end of the time limit is the winner.

As the activity starts, the only resource each team has is the instructions manual on how to build a Lego car. None of the teams start with any money whatsoever. Teams must go to the bank and get loans to finance their Lego car project. The bank applies interest rates that are compounded every short time period, so teams need to be careful with their loans to avoid falling into hefty debts.

The shop is the place where all teams buy parts to build their cars. As the game progresses the parts get more and more expensive. This gives our participants more and more variables to think about when considering buying decisions.

Sometimes teams will want to negotiate piece trades, partnerships and other arrangements. This is why we have our negotiations table. Participants from different teams are free to meet in there to discuss, create and document any deals or arrangements they want to make.

After a while in the game, we stop everything, drop what we are doing and rotate teams. This serves to simulate the never ending changes in the business world and help us gain insight on how we handover, adapt to change and plan.

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