Lip Dub


2 - 3 hours


50 - 200+


Indoor or Outdoor

Synchrony never looked better than this!

This great fun exercise enhances corporate unity by focusing on collaboration rather than competition, on support rather than winning. It builds relationships, breaks separation walls, and leaves a lasting taste of unity. 


A Lip Dub is single shot music video traveling through different settings and environments. The team will rehearse lip-syncing, dancing, acting, and transitioning – then film the whole song in one take. Each participant will be assigned to a location and provided with prop material and costumes. It is up to the teams to create the video in whatever way they desire.


The big challenge in this activity is that the whole song must be recorded in one single shot. No editing. No filtering. All the participants, all the teams, everybody working in harmony to create one masterpiece all together.

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