6 - 8 hours


50 - 100+


Indoor or Outdoor

Create a masterpiece of your company culture!

The Oscars is an engaging and rewarding activity designed to embody an organization’s culture and values. Each team will have time to create a 2-minute movie demonstrating one of the company’s values. 


Armed with a rich variety of props and a camera crew to guide them, teams embark into the glamorous world of Oscar-worthy moviemaking. The teams will do all the thinking, filming, and acting, and we do the rest of the magic. These events have proven to be extremely successful in bringing teams together, nailing down certain traits and acquiring new prospective. 

A rewarding night to wrap up the hard work is the best way to finish. This fancy event takes the crowd straight to Hollywood. Each participant feels victorious and gets a hint of glamour once they enter the Oscars’ space. Redrock International hosts a red carpet event where the participants get to sit back and watch all the 2-minute professionally edited films of the day. They also get to once more digest the values imbedded in the movies. After the laughter and extravaganza, a public voting takes place and finally, the winning team is announced. Awards are also given to the best actor/actress, best director, and so on – again as lasting reminders of a successful team building activity.

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